Mock Exam Level 1 - Introductory

Exam Purpose

The 11PlusDIY November Mock Exam is the first opportunity for students to experience a Mock Exam.  This one day introductory Mock Exam is designed to introduce Year 5 students and parents to the Mock Exam environment.   

Exam Outcome

Students and Parents should feel comfortable with the Exam environment.  

Students should be able to understand what attending an Exam will be like and begin to understand key techniques to improve their scores, time management and answer questions in a time efficient and effective manner.

Exam Content

Before the exam begins the local tuition team will introduce the students to the concepts of the exam.  Tutors will put students at ease, discussing key skills and give some good hints and tips to students on how to improve their performance in the exam.

The Mock Exam will cover the base level questions that form the 11 Plus exam.    The exam is structured into two papers of 50 minutes examining either CEM Style, GL Assessment Style or CSSE Style.  This will be tailored to your local exam. 


All Mock Exam papers are marked electronically.  The results of the exam are emailed to parents within three working days of the exam. This will include a detailed breakdown of performance, including strengths and weaknesses. 

Exam Length

The exam will last approximately 2 hours.  This does not include breaks. 

Exam Cost

Standard Price £70.00.

Discounted Price £40.00 (applies to the first 10 students booking only)