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negative Hello, Can you please refund this purchase. I paid five days ago and I havent received what I paid for. I also havent received a reply to my last enquiry. Regards, Gary Key
#804 30 Day Subscription Buyer: gazzakey 29/07/2017 22:21:41
neutral Hi Im sorry but I have just realised that my son will be camping on that weekend. Would it be possible to change the date? I can pay the difference if there is one for another day?
#965 Redbridge Mock Exam (15 July 2017) Buyer: lawalkids 29/06/2017 20:55:59
neutral Hi, I have booked for Aug12th however family is arranginga holiday on that weekend. Can u change the date to Aug 26th at Redbridge or july 29th at basildon. Thansk, Priya
#966 Redbridge Mock Exam (12 August 2017) Buyer: jayspriya 15/06/2017 20:39:12
positive Childs Full Name:Anjola Akintaro Mobile Number:07882451290
#813 Birmingham Mock Exam - Level 3 (14 Aug 2016) Buyer: akintarooa 07/02/2016 22:09:35
negative I have paid on 20th and today is 22nd. I am still unable to access the tests.
#6 9 Month Subscription Buyer: uday23 22/12/2015 22:40:35
positive Very helpful.
#3 60 Day Subscription Buyer: StoreTester 12/12/2011 21:47:53
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